Web Design  +   Presentation Development  +   Print Design  +  UX/UI
Multimedia and visual designer, 2000 - 2010
- Worked across business units designing customer facing interfaces for trading applications. Along with supporting Investor Relations and the C-Suite with presentation support, strategy and design.
- Re-designed trading interfaces for E*TRADE's pro products Power E*TRADE and E*TRADE Pro trading platforms.
- Collaborated with internal teams redesigning the corporate intranet. Played a key role in the UX/UI along with production graphics.
- Played key role in supporting and producing Directions, one of the nation’s leading conferences for stock plan professionals.
- Strategized with CEO and Investor team building and designing investor presentations and corporate materials.

Visual Design - Power E*TRADE Pro

Visual Design - E*TRADE Pro

Visual Design - Employee Stock Plan Section of ETRADE.com

Visual design - Equity Edge

Print and interactive design - E*TRADE Corporate report and website

Webinar design - E*trade Corporate Services

Print Design - E*TRADE Corporate Services

Print Design - E*TRADE 

Ad Design - E*TRADE

Visual design - Stock trading interface E*TRADE

Visual design - Stock trading interface E*TRADE

Visual design - Power E*TRADE Pro

Visual Design - E*trade Corporate Services web popup

Presentation and event design - E*TRADE Corporate Services

Social media visual design - E*trade Super bowl Ads

UI/UX - E*TRADE Smart alerts

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