UI/UX + Design System + Art Direction
senior UI/UX DESIGNER, 2022 - CurRent
- introduced design system based on Atomic design. 
- integrated  zeplin into design process to streamline the handoff between Design and development team
- collaborated with founders to update and create core duro functionality
- Assisted the Sales team in developing interactive demos of future product offerings
- introduced modern design standards and practices to the design process
- re-imagined and designed a modern navigation structure along with a new modern design for the core product
- Introduced design standards for all interface elements and layouts
- Collaborated with teams to standardize brand elements while rolling out the company brand and style guide
- conceptualized and designed the build module (serialization) for the next evolution of duro
- Worked closely with the marketing team to assist social media efforts
New duro interface

Original interface design

updated interface design

design module - change orders
Design Module CHANGE ORDER Status
UI Investigation into options need for change order status
BUILD MODULE  - Manual Assembly
Developer Handoff documents - supplemental to zeplin

Print design for a series of white papers introducing duros plm cloud platform

Series of internal stickers with a mascot called the duronaut representing our customer

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